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Warranty, Product Care and Make a Claim
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ADF is dedicated to producing high-quality, durable faucets and accessories; that’s why we offer our warranty program across our collections.

Each Australian Designer Faucets (ADF) product is tested to ensure we exceed all American standards, including the standards of our customers. We employ testing technologies and techniques in-house to assess each product’s life cycle. We only ever send products to market when we are confident that they will provide valuable and long-term solutions, allowing us to offer our product warranty program.

All ADF products are covered by a Limited Product Warranty.

If you have identified an issue or defect with your ADF product, please follow this procedure.

  1. Firstly, contact the Luxury Products Group (LPG) Showroom (authorized ADF seller), where your product was purchased.
  2. Your LPG Showroom will be able to assist you at the outset and direct you to the best course of action, in accordance with ADF Limited Product Warranty procedures.

Then, in instances where your LPG Showroom is unable to rectify your issue in-store –

 3. You will be directed to complete the ADF Limited Product Warranty form, which you will find on this page (below) to make a warranty claim. Only warranty claims made for products purchased in USA can be made via this specific form below. If you have multiple products with an issue, please submit just one form for all of the products and log all relevant information in the ‘Detailed Description’ section below.



Australian Designer Faucets Limited Warranty:

Product maintenance and care:

  • Products should be cleaned with mild liquid detergent or warm soapy water.
  • Never use harsh detergents, solvents or acidic cleaners, citrus based cleaners, lime scale removers, household vinegar, and cleaning agents containing acetic acid on any products as these will scratch and damage the surface.
  • Use of unsuitable cleaning agents may damage the surface. Any damage caused in this way will not be covered by warranty.
  • Do not use undue pressure and wipe in one direction only.




ADF Limited Product Warranty Form

– Complete as per step 3 above. Only complete AFTER you have contacted your product retailer.

  • Contact Details

  • Optional – additional email address will also receive a copy of your warranty submission receipt. This email address will not receive any communication following the initial warranty submission receipt.
  • Purchase Details

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • e.g. Merchant or Home Builder
  • Product Details

  • If you have multiple products with an issue, please submit just one form for all of the products and log all relevant information in the ‘Detailed Description of Issue’ section below.
  • Uploads

  • Max. file size: 10 MB.
  • Drop files here or
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      Note: Maximum 3 images and maximum 10MB per image. JPG/JPEG, PNG & MP4 Video file types accepted only.
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