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The future of our planet is always top of mind

At ADF, we leave nothing to chance. Our production process is finely tuned to minimize waste and environmental impact.

We are committed to sustainability through our principles and how we act, which impacts our planet.

Measuring our impact

We are proud to create efficient and effective water products that meet Australian and international industry standards.

Our continual R&D investment ensures our designers can create products that achieve highly sustainable outcomes, including saving water and reducing energy bills.

Wasting less for a brighter future

We have created a series of green initiatives with our manufacturing process to reduce waste.

This includes recycling all brass shavings and waste in-house in our own facility as well as packaging our products in material that can be recycled.

We are proud to be part of the solution to lessen waste and to work hard to transition our teams to a new culture of recycling.

A long-standing legacy

Our sustainability approach ensures that every product is designed meticulously both for longevity and durability. As a result, our faucets are built to last, to take care of our end-users from design concept through to customer installation.

From one-year to lifetime, our collections are supported by industry-leading warranties. We are proud to stand by the high quality of our work, and to continue showcasing our long-standing heritage around the world.