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Showcasing our product finishes across our design-driven faucets, showers and accessories collections and highlighting the cohesion that can be achieved when the same finish is shared across these products in your space.

We embolden your choices so you can progress with your selections based on aesthetics with the additional benefit of the longevity and durability of our finishes.

Brushed Gold

The warm tone of our Brushed Gold finish is characterised by the muted lines across its surface and it’s soft metallic hue. It is a modern spin on traditional gold faucets finish and can be paired with earthen, natural tones found in terracotta and stone.

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Brushed Nickel

This finish is characterised by its gentle, soft metallic appearance and brushed lines on its surface. Brushed Nickel can be your go-to finish when looking to reference a refined colour palette, teaming graciously with sophisticated tile choices. It is one of our most versatile finishes.

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Matte Black

Matte Black makes a confident statement that will complement a simple, monochromatic environment while also flourishing in bold surroundings featuring terrazzo or pastel hues. When refining the strength of Matte Black, the tone of timbers such as American oak, ash and walnut varieties work beautifully.

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Versatile and flexible, Chrome is a classic and timeless finish. It sits perfectly with a variety of colours and will complement a variety of interior design forms. Ranging from traditional, heritage styles to the latest sleek and contemporary bathroom and kitchen architecture.

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Matte White

Matte White is a subtle, natural finish. This organic tone blends beautifully with rich timber and stones such as marble and terrazzo. Equally, Matte White provides the blank canvas upon which to add stunning pops of colour to bring your space to life.

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What’s in an ADF color finish?

To us, it’s simple. We select the best combinations of finish processes using the latest technology and durability standards to provide you with the highest quality finishes for any interior design. As a result, each finish is expertly crafted so you have peace of mind that your product will last long into the future. Mixed or matched, you’ll always find the ideal fit, fitting or fixture backed by our finishes warranty.


Flexible and versatile, we use electroplating on most products, predominantly by applying Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Matte Black to brass bodies, backplates and dress plates. The process works by placing the part in a bath of nickel, which helps to protect the brass, resist corrosion and remove impurities. Then, the product is dipped into a pigmented chrome solution to achieve the correct color. Due to its versatility in color options, we match the design to the finish to get the best result.

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition)

At Australian Designer Faucets we use PVD to coat our Brushed Gold products. We use it because it is a highly sustainable process with little to no waste and provides a durable and hard finish. It works by placing the faucet in a high vacuum environment, to which is added several vaporized metals, which eventually form a thin film of metallic material that hardens to create the stunning color finish.

Powder coating

We use powder coating on our Matte White finish, along with some of our parts in the Zimi collection, because it is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of finishing metal products. Without using harmful solvents, it works by using an electrostatic spray gun to spray electrically charged powder on the surface to be coated. This is heated in a curing oven at more than 390-degrees Fahrenheit, resulting in a smooth, uniform and durable coating.